Which protests are going on in Denmark?

The proposal to the danish government presented by CJA

Two proposals how to write protest letters


Which protests are going on in Denmark?

Thursday nov. 19th there will be a second reading in the parliament and we will be outside too

From noon to 4 pm we will assemble and when the reading start we will start drumming and whistling and so on.

At 4 pm we will start speakers and music-programme – speakers known by now is Bjørn Elmquist, Legalpolitics Association, Jan Hoby, LFS-Union, the refuse collectors, Climate Justice Action, Oprør, support liberation struggles, and music known is Arne Würgler – more to come.

If you can help with the announcement, posters etc. in Copenhagen, send your phone no. to uropakken@budskabfragrasrodderne.dk.


3rd and last reading is set to thursday nov. 26th and the law will be in effect dec. 3rd.


Several Organizations has sent protests Unions, Amnesty International, juridical experts, judges associations, those working in the prisons, workers between peoples, climate-groups and organizations, children organizations ao.


Wednesday nov. 10th the government held a hearing - participants were allowed to speak.

There was a public Critical hearing at tuesday nov. 3rd in Copenhagen, with lawyers, representatives from the building unions, from the climate justice movements, members of the parliament a.o. Organized by CeRePo (www.cerepo.dk) – the notes were send to the ministry.


There was a demonstration at wednesday nov. 4th leaving from Blaagaards Plads at 4pm to the parlament: The "hoodlum" law is a bomb under democracy, law-certainty and human rights.

The law was negociated in the parlament 1st time wednesday nov. 4th afternoon.


Facebookgroup http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=177782349600#/group.php?gid=169325970772 keep updating on theese activities in danish.


The proposal to the Danish government presented by CJA (Climate Justice Action), oct. 20th

The Danish government is presently preparing a proposal (I've translated it into something like the turmoil/riot law package) in order to change the legislation which - if it is passed by the parliament - will have serious consequences for people participating in the CJA actions during the COP15.

The content of this law package was announced Sunday the 18th October, less than two month before COP 15, and will be tabled for the Parliament within the next couple of weeks. It is obvious me ready before the COP.

The idea is not to scare anyone with this mail as it is not even sure that this law will be adopted. Even if it is adopted, its hardly realistic that it will be used against big groups of people. But it is important for all of you to be updated on the Danish situation and because it is necessary to establish international pressure and attention in the media on the issue. It is crucial to bring forward that its not only danish activists who is against this legislation but also international community groups and social movements whom are fighting for a fair and just climate agreement.

In the following I will present:

   *      a short update on the content of the package,

   *      a run through of what the Danish part of the CJA media group have been doing so far, and what will be done in the near future in relation to the law package.

   *      an overview of relevant actors who have been commenting against the law package

   *      And urge all of you - who have any time on your hands - to speak against this law being adopted because of all the consequences the enactment will have.

The content of the law package
The overall content in the suggested so-called riot package is:

   *      /Preventive arresting/: The police already have the legal means to detain people for up to 6 hours, if they assess that someone is about to break the law. In the new law package the time limit will be increased to 12 hours for pre-emptive arrest. (I just confirmed with the ministry of justice that its the same time limits for international activists)

   *      /Hinder the authorities (police, fire brigade or ambulance service) from doing their job/: Normally the penalty is a fine if it's the first time a person is convicted. However one can be punished with up to 1½ year in prison. In the riot package the punishment will be increased to 40 days in prison as the norm even if it is the first time you are convicted for this crime. The maximum punishment will still stay the same.

   *      /Vandalism in a situation where the public peace and order is disturbed (meaning during demoes etc.)/: Currently the penalty varies from a fine to 1½ of imprisonment. In the new law package the punishment will be increased with 50 % compared to the penalty before the package.

   *      /Breach of the peace/disorderly behavior and staying around after the police have broken up a demo:/ today the fine for staying in a demo that the police have broken up is 600 dkr. (80 euro), if you at the same time are showing disorderly behavior, the fine will be 1000 dkr.(134 euro). With the new law package the fines will be increased to respectively 3000 dkr. (403 euro) and 5000 dkr.(671 euro).

Its worth knowing that most often the police in Denmark do not charge anyone after mass civil disobedience actions, as they often don't have sufficient evidence against the demonstrators. To show an example from a recent action against a coal power plant, 177 people got detained pre-emptively after the action had been going on for 4-5 hours, out of these only 12 got charged. Most of these were charged for masking themselves or for using abusive language against policemen. No one got any serious charges.

*What have we been doing so far in DK:*

We have been talking against the law package in most of the big Danish media's. Activist's from CJA have been among the most quoted persons talking against the law package the last couple of days. Today we are calling around to trade unions, big NGOs etc. who this law package could potentially also affect, and persuade them to speak out against the law package. Our focus is to show that a broad part of the Danish population will be hit by this legislation, and that it a limitation of peoples democratic rights in general. If we get a lot of positive responses, we will suggest to either do a open letter together with as many groups as possible, or doing a demonstration of some sort.

*Who else have been speaking out against this law package:*

So far, it have mainly been relevant experts (layer associations and university professors) and environmental groups that have communicated against the law package. Of other environmental groups PCA (Peoples Climate Action) have been among the most quoted, arguing that this law will scare people from participating in any type of demonstration, and that it will demonize demonstrators. The Climate Movement and the people behind the 12^th December Demonstration have said something similar and so have the Danish Action Aid. So far neither Greenpeace, WWF, Amnesty or any of the other big NGO'es existing in Denmark have done any active press work against this law package. Of the political parties only the red/green party are purely against the law package. The Socialist Peoples Party are sending mixed messages, and all the other political parties are in favor of the law package.

*What would we like all of you to do:*

Create international attention about this matter, to show that the danish government do not want people to demonstrate in Copenhagen and will try to punish any demonstrators coming to Denmark to have their voices raised. To portrait Denmark as the police state it’s becoming and not the peaceful open democracy that we like seeing ourselves as. Do whatever you can come up with that can put some sort of pressure on the danish government to not decide on this law package.

If you have any further question you are more than welcome to contact me directly on tannienyboe (a) gmail.com

Two proposals how to write protest letters

Thursday oct. 29.

As has been mentioned already on this list (climate-int), the Danish government plans to introduce a package of laws, which will greatly curtail the freedom to protest and effectively criminalise peaceful civil disobedience protest. It is important that we react quickly to this as the first reading of this bill goes before the Danish parliament next week (wednesday nov. 4th). And because this law will affect anyone who goes to protest at the summit, it is an international issue and international action needs to be taken which can influence the outcome of the debate in the Danish media and wider society. I have pasted below a letter I have already sent to the Danish embassy in London about this legislation. Feel free to make use or rephrase as you feel necessary. But please inform me offline if you have written to the embassy in your country. You can also contact me offline if you want further details.
In peace,
John Sinha

(letters to JS can be send to gbe (a) budskabfragrasrodderne.dk and will be forwarded)

We write to express our concern about the proposed "hoodlum" law, which is planned by your government. The bill that will soon be put before the Danish parliament has serious implications for anyone who is intending to demonstrate, or protest in any way, during the COP15 summit in Copenhagen this December.

It is clear from the timing, that your government intends this bill to become law by the time of the summit. We understand that the proposed bill will greatly increase the Police's powers of arrest. Among its main provisions: the extension of the period of "preventative" arrest from six to twelve hours; an increase in maximum sentence for obstructing a police officer of up to fourty days, even for a first offence; as well as a host of other measures which greatly increase the penalties for breaking the law regarding public protest. These measures, if approved, will effectively criminalise protests involving any degree of peaceful civil disobedience. At the same time, a climate of fear is being generated by certain elements of the Danish media about the prospects of thousands of climate activists descending on Copenhagen. We think this is no coincidence. It is therefore clear that the law is aimed at the many thousands of climate activists, from all over the globe, who will be coming to Copenhagen. It appears to us that the Danish government and media are hostile to both the protesters and their message. We therefore call upon the Danish government not to persue this legislation and to allow protesters to demonstrate and congregate without police harassment.

 To the Danish ministry of Justice
- Justitsministeriet  
Stop the new law package against climate summit demonstrators
The climate summit in Copenhagen 2009 is of historic importance for people all over the planet. It is crucial that this summit will be held in a country, that have respect for democratic participation so all voices can be heard.
The new law package against "trouble makers" presented to the parliament by the government in Denmark is limiting democratic participation. It is according to the ministry of justice not directed against persons committing harmful acts. Instead the proposed law package that severely sharpens punishment including turning acts that previously resulted in a fine into crimes causing unconditional prison terms is directed against people that are in the vicinity of disturbances and accused of hindering the police in their work.
This is a threat to democratic participation during the summit and in the future. The new law package, if its implemented, will cause polarization, confusion, and promote passivity. This is not useful in the situation we are in faced with the climate crisis.
We support trade unions, environmental and other organizations in Denmark in their protest against the law package. We see it as unacceptable that the host country of the historic climate summit is limiting democratic participation and call for rejection of the new law package.
This letter was sent oct. 28th from Participants at the Friends of the Earth Europe climate gathering in Chotilsko, Czech republic
Tord Björk, Sweden
Linda Ymker, The Netherlands
Hannah Monnat, France
Dvaid Heller, Belgium
Palle Bendsen, Denmark
Mike Chris, UK
Sonja Meister, Germany
Kim Ejlertsen, Denmark
Meri Pukarinen, Finland
Molly Walsh, Ireland
Nicola Freeman, UK
Anna Drezkiewicz, Poland
Martin Vìchet, Czech Republic
Susan Scherbarth, Germany
Please feel free to send the same or a similar protest to the Danish Ministry of Justice. As the new law package will be decided in a fast track procedure by the Danish parliament already this week or early November it is useful that yuo send a protest as quick as posible and as an individual if yuo do not have tha chance to have an organization backing the statement on su¨ch a very short notice.
Send your protests to 
Justitisministeriet jm@jm.dk
Please send a copy also to tord.bjork (a) mjv.se so we can keep a track on the protests.